Bulletproof soap note program 

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Dr. Gregg Friedman is a 2nd generation chiropractor who has been practicing since 1987 and teaching documentation seminars nationally to chiropractors since 2001.  Dr. Friedman also consults with doctors, insurance companies and attorneys on workers compensation and personal injury cases.

Just $30/month per doctor with a one time up-front cost of $1497.


When the new patient completes the paperwork, the information can be quickly entered into the software in a few minutes (1st visit).  On the next visit, the doctor can quickly recreate the previous visit with one click.  The software has been designed to automatically remove the items that you don't want re-created.  It only takes a few SECONDS to edit the items that have changed since the last visit.


The BulletProof Soap Note Program helps you document specifically for each patient and for each encounter.  No more CANNED notes that the say a whole bunch of nothing over and over again.